Uncle Sam’s Texan Burger Meal Deal Review

Uncle Sam's Montpelier Road, Brighton 1

About Uncle Sam’s

4A Montpelier Rd, Brighton BN1 2LQ

Lately I’ve been trying to swim more and living so close to the coast, I feel wasteful if I don’t go in every day. A swim in the sea helps separate the work day from the rest of my life and the last couple of times, I’ve worn my Fitbit to measure the distance. My stats aren’t impressive but for the ten minutes that I stayed in the waves, the worries washed away.

The beach was getting busy when I left it tonight and I walked home via Uncle Sam’s on Montpelier Road. Uncle Sam’s is a place that I’d passed by countless times but my curiosity had peaked of late, at the sight of people sat on chairs out front. That part of Montpelier Road isn’t pretty and so I figured that something good must be happening to make the people linger.

Uncle Sam’s is takeaway only and the orders are processed through a small serving hatch in the wall. Upon arrival, I reviewed the menu, which was a mix of burgers, chips and sides. After some deliberation, I went for the Texan Meal Deal, which comprised a beef burger with BBQ sauce, American cheese, lettuce and onion rings and was accompanied by chips and a drink. At £6.50, it felt like good value.

After ordering, I sat down and scrolled through Twitter, wondering what it might take for the government to fall. With the trains fucked, I was glad that there was no expectation for me to travel to the office this week. The last time I went to London, getting home took ages but I got £11.70 of my ticket refunded.

The burger was ready within seven minutes and I walked home quickly to eat it. On the way back, a lady was sat on her front step, brushing a Golden Retriever and it walked towards me, sniffing hopefully. I smiled at the lady as I passed but prepared myself to wrestle the dog for the burger.

Back home, I sat down and was pleased to discover that the chips were still hot and had been properly salted. The BBQ sauce inside the burger was sweet and plentiful and although the burger patty was thin, it had a nice, meaty flavour, The bun was excellent, lightly glazed, with a few sesame seeds on top and easily the best part of the meal. The lettuce was fresh and added crunch to each bite but there was too much of it. I barely noticed the onion rings and opened the bun halfway through to confirm they were in there.

Eating the burger made me realise how hungry I’d been. Whatever good I’d done myself with the swim, the burger evened out but sometimes a burger is what’s needed. Uncle Sam’s isn’t fancy but it isn’t trying to be. The simple food, the friendly staff and the efficient service were refreshing and reminded me of Grubbs, as well as the chicken shops that that I used to frequent when living in Hackney and Tottenham.