Sugardough Breakfast Danish Review

Sugardough Hove Breakfast Danish

About Sugardough

5 Victoria Terrace, Hove BN3 2WB

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, would be a good name for a celebrity autobiography, detailing hard-earned reflections following a life of excess. So it was with the Breakfast Danish from Sugardough, a pastry treat that I did not need but most certainly wanted.

I’d been to Sugardough many times before for their bread, their croissants and their sausage rolls. It’s a quirky little place where a pastry chef works quietly in a corner and the hipster servers ring up items on the till. I’ll always have a fondness for Sugardough because they made my wedding cake and because it was one of the first places I visited after the world opened up again post-lockdown.

The shop sits close to the coast, a few doors down from Franco’s Osteria. On the day I visited, I was on the return leg of a long walk to the Lagoon and was rushing back home to make a meeting. Knowing that I wouldn’t have time to make lunch, I needed something that I could grab and eat at my desk.

Inside Sugardough, there was a tray of sausage rolls, cooling inside the door but the Breakfast Danish caught my eye. It was comprised of a creamy egg, smoked bacon and black pudding, all encased in sweet and flaky pastry. Carrying it home, I felt guilty, wondering what would wife would say if she saw it. I felt it was one of those treats best enjoyed in the quiet of the back bedroom, far from judgement.

Just like the sausage rolls that I so love, the Breakfast Danish had the advantage of being easily transportable and could be eaten with one hand. Back at my desk I tucked in and scattered pastry crumbs on my keyboard. As my greasy fingers typed, I thought it best to keep my camera off, lest I make my colleagues jealous.