Rogman Lincolnshire Pork Sausages Review

Rogman Butchers Lincolnshire Pork Sausages

About Rogman Butchers

72 Farm Rd, Hove BN3 1FD

Rogman is my local butcher, a tiny place on Farm Road, that sits across from a couple of pubs that I like and often frequent. There’s nothing fancy about the shop but that’s the appeal. Prices are listed on up on the wall, music plays from the radio and meat is broken apart on huge chopping blocks. Each time I’ve been there, a steady stream of people have come and gone, whilst the butchers pieced together orders for local restaurants and every day customers alike. Rogman have a website where you can place orders and in person, the staff are friendly and helpful. Since discovering it after moving to a flat close by, I haven’t bought meat from a supermarket and that makes me feel better about the animals I eat.

It’s been six years since the Brexit vote and all week, thoughts of Britishness have been on my mind. Food is something that Brits get mocked for but we have excellent produce here in the UK. It’ll surprise nobody that I’m a fan of sausages. Whether in link, Lorne and pastry form, I seek them out wherever I go and the ones from Rogman are some of the best I’ve had. The sausages from there are properly seasoned with pepper and sage and have a higher meat quantity than anything I’ve found in a supermarket. With the weather warming up and BBQ season upon us, I predict more bangers in my near future.

At times, this week felt frustrating and I spent hours each evening on Twitter, despairing at the state of politics in this country. Seeking comfort in food as I often do, last night I ignored the vegetables in the fridge and opted for a stable of British cuisine; sausage, egg and chips. Now before I go any further, it’s worth stating that I’d normally view baked beans as an essential part of this meal but I’d had a jacket potato with cheese and beans for lunch and didn’t want to risk doubling up.

Sausage, egg and chips might not be fine dining and it’s certainly not healthy but if I were on death row, it’s likely the last meal I’d order. I find comfort in eating the dinners that I’ve had my whole life and sausage, egg and chips is familiar, the kind of meal that I’d order off a pub menu, if unsure what to have or lacking confidence in the cook.

I’ve long thought that if I were to ever go vegetarian or vegan, that sausages would be the thing I’d most miss. These days, I rarely eat bacon and my recent trip to Apothecary proved that steak tastes better in a restaurant. Sausages however are a habit that’s hard to shake and with Rogman so close, I have no intention of giving up.