Passione napoletana Rustica Pizza Review

Passione Napoletana Rustica Pizza

About Passione napoletana

Ridgeland House, Dyke Rd, Hove BN3 1TX

With Wimbledon on TV and the park so close, I keep telling myself that I should get into tennis. I enjoy watching and playing but since having a child, I’ve found that everything takes more organising. Last Wednesday, I played for the first time in over a year and afterwards, treated myself to pizza from Passione Napoletana, a food van parked up on Dyke Road. Growing up in the 90s made me somewhat suspicious of food vans. Back then, food vans were a staple of B&Q carparks and mostly sold greasy burgers and hot dogs with fried onions. Passione Napoletana is different and a great example of how fresh and tasty food can be got cheaply.

The menu at Passione Napoletana is extensive, with a mix of toppings to suit veggies and meat eaters. After some deliberation, I ordered the Rustica Pizza, which comprised of tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and pepperoni. At £7.50, this felt like great value and the pizza was made quickly, cooked in the wood fired oven inside the van.

Once ordered, the pizza was ready in about five minutes and I walked with it back to the park to eat it in the sun.

The base of the pizza was excellent, thin and chewy and with a few charred spots. The mushrooms and pepperoni were spread generously but the tomato was the highlight. Like all the pizzas that I’d eaten in Italy, the tomato was fresh and fragrant, with a beautiful sweet and sour balance. That sourness was complemented by the abundant mozzarella, fresh basil and black pepper that was cracked on top.

I don’t know how much tennis I’ll be playing this summer but I’ll be back to Passione Napoletana before long to work through the rest of the menu.