Nile’s Bakery Fowey – Cornish Pastie Review

Nile's Bakery Fowey Large Steak Cornish Pastie

About Nile’s Bakery

14 Fore St, Fowey PL23 1AQ

I visited Fowey for the first time today, after spending the morning at a nearby beach. My wife and I parked up in Fowey’s main carpark and then descended into town via steep and narrow roads. Following the steady steam of tourists, I thought about how since arriving in Cornwall, I’d let myself down. I’d been here since Monday afternoon but had yet to eat a Cornish pastie. All that changed when I caught sight of Nile’s Bakery.

Nile’s Bakery is just the sort of place that I had in mind when thinking about Cornish pasties. it was a fairly small cafe with a glass front and simple interior. Menu items and prices were written up on a chalk board behind the till and display cases housed all manner of delicious but deadly-looking baked goods. I opted for the large steak pastie which cost £4.95 and my wife had the small vegetable variety. Both pasties had considerable heft, were comfortingly warm and packaged in branded paper bags. With our pasties, we walked around the corner to the harbour and sat on a bench, overlooking the boats and watching out for swooping seagulls.

Large Steak Cornish Pasty from Nile's Bakery in Fowey
Large Steak Cornish Pastie from Nile’s Bakery in Fowey

At the risk of surrendering to hyperbole, the large steak Cornish pastie from Nile’s Bakery was one of the best baked goods that I’ve ever eaten. I considered reviewing it as I do sausage rolls and putting on the Sausage Roll Leaderboard, but the quality of the pastie deserved more in-depth analysis. I’m always a little dubious when any baked good claims to contain steak but there were big chunks of meat inside the pastie. As well as the meat, there was potato, onion, carrot and a rich gravy. Whilst the meat pulled apart upon each bite, the veg was chunky and hadn’t turned to mush. By far, the highlight of the pastie was the pastry, which had layers but also a lovely depth of flavour. I didn’t check with the staff but the pastry looked like it was made from a mix of wholemeal and white flour and remained chewy throughout.

In all my months of reviewing baked goods, I’ve only eaten one other Cornish Pastie from the Grindleford Village Shop, but what I bought today from Nile’s Bakery was something else entirely. The quality, the size, the price and the unassuming nature of the shop had me delighted and wondering what other culinary delights Cornwall had yet to show me. I’m going home on Sunday and so there’s little time left to find out.