Minted Lamb Pastie Review

Minted Lamb Pastie Canham and Sons, Hove

ABout Canham and Sons

It’s taken a week to get around to writing a review of the minted lamb pastie that I bought from Canham and Sons last Saturday. Between a stressful week at work and the sleeplessness brought about by my son teething, time has slipped away.

All last week, the country was caught in paralysis, brought about by the news of the Queen’s passing. The news cycle was a constant bombardment of sentiment and life felt strange, unfamiliar and uncertain. Knowing that few shops would be open on the Monday, I left the house on Saturday morning determined to get enough treats to last me the long weekend.

Of late, I’ve been attempting to show restraint in what I eat and drink. The economic picture for the country depresses me and everything in the shops is getting more expensive. Baked goods and gin sodas are nice and necessary but they should be earned and so to get more exercise, I’ve taken to walking a few miles by the sea each morning, whilst pushing my son in his pram.

Last Saturday, Hove Lawns and much of the seafront were fenced off for people completing a triathlon and the sight of their exertion gave me a strong and sudden craving for bacon. I know that completing triathlons must be deeply satisfying but so too is making homemade BLTs.

These days, I don’t often shop at Canham and Sons because Rogmans is cheaper and far closer to my flat. There’s much I like about both butchers and although I prefer the produce at Rogmans, Canham and Sons has a deli counter, so along with the bacon, I bought a chilli scotch egg and a minted lamb pastie.

Minted lamb pastie from Canham and Sons in Hove.
Minted Lamb Pastie from Canham and Sons

Back home, I plated up the pastie and tucked in as soon as my son was settled. The pastie had retained its warmth and the pastry was both crisp and flaky. I liked the addition of sesame seeds but the filling really made it. There were chunks of lamb as well as pieces of carrots, peas, potato and onion, all covered in a rich and minty gravy. The filling was great because it didn’t squirt or ooze out and it wasn’t scalding hot.

Tucking into the minted lamb pastie, I smiled because it was one of those snacks that exceeded expectations. I hadn’t exactly known what to expect when buying it and wondered in the lamb would be stringy and covered in the kind of jarred mint sauce that I ate with roast dinners growing up. Thankfully, it wasn’t and eating it confirmed what I’d long suspected; that if I wish to show restraint, I should stay away from Canham and Sons.