Kooks Sausage Roll Review

Kooks sausage roll

About Kooks

Kooks is a popular café and restaurant on busy corner of Brighton’s North Laine. On the day that I visited, the surrounding streets were buzzing with a mix of locals and tourists. Covid restrictions were easing but dining inside still wasn’t an option and instead, the café had placed tables in the street, where couples basked in the sun and talked about the vaccine.

I’d walked past Kooks countless times but it caught my eye that day due to the stack of sausage rolls piled in the window. I passed the café at closing time and although not desperately hungry, I hated the thought of the pastry not finding a home.


56 Gardner St, Brighton BN1 1UN

1. Appearance

Did the sausage roll look appetising? Was it lovingly displayed in the shop window?

The sausage rolls were proudly displayed in the shop window and caught my eye as they gleamed in the afternoon sun.


2. Price

How much did you pay for it? Was it good value for money?

£3.90 felt a bit steep for a baked snack but it was clearly more sausage than roll.


3. Packaging

Was it carefully wrapped? Did it arrive home intact?

The sausage roll was perfectly packaged in a stiff cardboard box and delivered to me outside the shop. The addition of napkins underneath the box was a nice touch and protected my hands from the heat.


4. Weight

Did it have a satisfying weight? Was it reassuringly dense?

The weight was extremely satisfying, it felt like carrying a small brick.


5. Warmth

Was it warm and ready to eat or cold on arrival?

I was offered the sausage roll heated and so elected for the warmed-up option. It took a few minutes to arrive but was well worth the wait. By the time I came to eat it, the sausage roll had perfectly cooled.


6. Pastry

Was it buttery and flaky? Did it hold together?

The pastry had a nice golden sheen but it didn’t hold together. There was a lot of flaking as I ate and a few large chunks of pastry slid off into the box.


7. Quality of meat or filling

Was the filling substantial or did you mainly chew air?

The meat was top quality; it was nicely ground and very juicy.


8. Flavour

Was the sausage roll delicious and well-seasoned?

I thought the sausage roll needed a bit more seasoning. The addition of pepper and some coarse salt would have given the taste a big boost.


9. Satisfaction

Were you left satisfied or wanting more?

I felt very full afterwards and could have done with a drink.


10. Bonus Points

Did anything warrant bonus points? Eg. a little pot of mustard or friendly service from the staff?

The addition of mustard inside the box was a huge delight. I was offered English or French mustard and so went for English.




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