Hub Box Exeter – Kim Yum Chicken Burger Review

Hub Box Exeter Kim Yum Chicken Burger

About Hub bOX

14 Catherine Street, Exeter EX1 1EU

Exeter is somewhere I’d have liked to have gone to university but until today, I’d never visited. Most of today was spent in the car, as my wife and I drove from Hove to Cornwall. Both places being on the coast should have made the going easy, but the heat was grim and several stops were needed. The longest stop we made was over lunch, where we found ourselves in Exeter and happened upon Hub Box.

Much like Finch Bar & Eatery in Worthing, Hub Box has everything that a hipster food joint needs. There was exposed brickwork, hanging light fixtures, gleaming bottles behind the bar and a soundtrack of songs that both you and your parents are allowed to like, songs like Rocketman by Elton John.

Turning up with a warm and hungry baby put me a little on edge but the staff were friendly and the venue was relatively quiet, save for a table of lads in tight shorts and a couple just returned from a 12-week scan.

The menu at Hub Box was vast, there were burgers, hot dogs and fries served with all manner of toppings. I don’t really understand the obsession with dirty fries but that said, I have never yet been able to turn down poutine. A section of each page of the menu was dedicated to BBQ and I was tempted by the sound of brisket but the heat made me long for fried chicken. I opted from the Kim Yum Chick, which consisted of a buttermilk fried chicken breast, Korean BBQ sauce, gochujang mayo and lettuce. My wife had a halloumi burger with pineapple and relish and we shared some skin-on fries.

So, to the Kim Yum Burger. The bun had a wonderful doughy texture, was lightly toasted and glazed. The lettuce was crisp and the sauce was tangy. Unlike some chicken burgers, the sauce stayed inside the bun and the bun remained intact throughout eating. The highlight was of course the chicken that was crisp on the outside and tender throughout. It was one of those burgers that you don’t want to end.

Being fried chicken, the obvious comparison to Hub Box is Bonehead in Birmingham, but whereas Bonehead left me painfully full and hating myself, Hub Box left me satisfied and wondering where the other branches were located.

After lunch, my wife and I pushed our son in the pram and tried to find some shade. We sat by the cathedral listening to some drunks playing Johnny Cash before tackling the remaining miles down to Cornwall. Although we didn’t stay in Exeter for long, I liked it. I liked the sight of the Roman ruins and the students dressed up in graduation robes. It made me wonder what my life would have been like had I studied there and not Scotland.