Falafel Wrap Review – Go Falafel, Deansgate

Falafel Wrap from Go Falafel, Deansgate

About Go Falafel

99 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BQ

I’m not often in Manchester but I had to go there last week for work. After driving up from Hove, via a Tandoori Chicken Baguette, I stayed with my in-laws. The next morning, I caught a train from their village into Manchester and on the ride, a man in a corduroy blazer sat opposite, eating a boiled egg. That struck me as strange and I smiled out the window as the countryside passed by.

The office was a 20minute walk from the station and I followed the morning crowds, who all seemed to be going the same direction. On the walk, I looked around for a place to go for lunch but didn’t spot anywhere. I needed local knowledge. When lunchtime arrived, none of my colleagues were free but one suggested I go to Go Falafel. After waiting ages for a lift, I left the office and made the short walk along Deansgate, moving amidst the lunchtime crowds.

Go Falafel was a small and unfussy place and they served wraps and salad boxes. They had a counter, behind which was fresh looking salad, a juicer and a deep fat fryer with falafels bubbling away. I ordered for the medium wrap, which was £5.45 and came with falafel, salad, pickles, tahini and chilli sauce. Grilled aubergine was extra but looked too good to refuse. On the walk back to the office, I saw people carrying handfuls of sandwiches and treats and I felt stupid for not ordering a large wrap.

Go Falafel medium wrap

I ate the falafel wrap in the lobby of the office and then went straight back out in search of coffee. I’d yet to have one that day because I couldn’t figure out how to work the taps. They were meant to serve both both and cold water but seemed to either scald or freeze people. After three attempts at drinking instant coffee with cold water, I’d given up.

I spent the rest of the day in meetings and at leaving time, I got locked in a stairwell, after getting pissed off waiting for a lift. Stuck there, I banged on the door for someone to let me out and then I ran to get my bags. When I eventually left the office, I power walked to the station, knowing that the train only ran once an hour.

My trip to Manchester was eventful. The office was crap, the falafel was decent and I confirmed what I suspected; that I’m happy to live in Hove.