The Flying Coffee Bean sausage roll review

The Flying Coffee Bean sausage roll

About The Flying Coffee Bean

The Flying Coffee Bean is a kiosk in the main concourse of Brighton Station. There are usually a few people queuing there for coffee, before heading through the ticket barriers to a waiting train. Service is efficient and the coffee is good, the smell of which fills the air. I stopped there before taking the train to London and then Liverpool for a stag do. With stomach lining in mind and a long journey ahead, I bought a sausage roll and wished I hadn’t.


Brighton Station, Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XP

1. Appearance

Did the sausage roll look appetising? Was it lovingly displayed in the shop window?

I had high hopes as there were mini ovens for keeping food warm but the sausage roll was stone cold and sad looking when handed over.


2. Price

How much did you pay for it? Was it good value for money?

£3.70. This was disappointing as the shop they come from sells them fresh at £2.50.


3. Packaging

Was it carefully wrapped? Did it arrive home intact?

Paper and plastic bag with lots of grease transfer. It was clearly packaged whilst still warm.


4. Weight

Did it have a satisfying weight? Was it reassuringly dense?

It had a good weight but the experience was already tainted by this point.


5. Warmth

Was it warm and ready to eat or cold on arrival?

Stone cold with no offer to heat it up.


6. Pastry

Was it buttery and flaky? Did it hold together?

This roll was at least a day old. Most of the pastry was dry and ended up at the bottom of the bag. Very disappointing.


7. Quality of meat or filling

Was the filling substantial or did you mainly chew air?

Good filling but it needed to be warmed. It ended up tasting homogeneous and claggy.


8. Flavour

Was the sausage roll delicious and well-seasoned?

As above.


9. Satisfaction

Were you left satisfied or wanting more?

Very disappointing, verging on upsetting.


10. Bonus Points

Did anything warrant bonus points? Eg. a little pot of mustard or friendly service from the staff?

No mustard offered and no heating. Waste of money.


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