Finch, worthing – Reuben Sandwich Review

Ruben Sandwich from Finch, Worthing


27 Warwick St, Worthing BN11 3DQ

With house prices in Hove being what they are, I often find myself looking along the coast in the direction of Worthing. I swim at Hove Beach most days and when the weather is clear, Worthing Pier is visible on the horizon. Worthing isn’t a place I’d spent any time in, only somewhere that I’d driven through, but lately my Google news feed has been suggesting me articles about it. Those articles talked about how Worthing gets neglected in comparison to the neighbouring towns along the coast and also how it was sure to be a top destination this summer, with more people holidaying in the UK.

With no commitments this morning, I took a drive with my wife and my son to see the sights and to discover if Worthing is a place we’d one day live. This morning was the first time I’d driven any distance since passing my test and the driving went well, aside from a slight mistake at a mini roundabout.

After parking up in a multi-story, we walked around Worthing and it was much as I expected. Many of the residents out walking were older and the town centre had chain stores that you don’t see in busier places. The coast was more rugged than Hove and many of the buildings, although large and grand needed a lick of paint. Along the coast, we walked down wide streets, lined with huge houses and saw a new development getting thrown up on the seafront.

We walked for an hour with my son in the pram, expecting him to wake up and demand feeding and were back in the town centre when we came across Finch Bar & Eatery. Finch was situated on a busy street lined with restaurants and had seating both inside and out.

We chose to sit inside, for fear of hungry seagulls and the decor was like a checklist of everything a hipster joint should have. There was exposed brickwork, white tiles behind the bar, industrial shelving lined with bottles, chipboard, hanging plants, loud music and the smell of coffee. The staff dressed in black, aside from tan Dickies aprons and they warned us about the possible wait times for food, as soon as we sat done.

Although loud, the atmosphere at Finch was friendly and welcoming and I felt comfortable sat on the mid-century chairs.

The menu at Finch was a mix of breakfast and brunch dishes, with interesting takes on classics. I considered a burger but it was the Reuben sandwich what I really wanted, especially since my recent trip to Anderson & Hill in Birmingham.

The Reuben Sandwich cost £8 and was comprised of slow cooked beef brisket, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, pickles and house dressing, served in toasted sourdough bread. I had that with a double espresso and my wife had Turkish eggs, a cappuccino and water, served in a milk bottle and flavoured with fresh mint.

The food arrived within 20minutes and massively exceeded my expectations. The brisket had a wonderful flavour and the sourdough was drizzled in olive oil before toasting. The dill pickles inside of the sandwich added sourness and texture but the house dressing elevated everything.

The Rueben was another one of those sandwiches that I didn’t want to end and I felt bad for the other people inside Finch that had neglected ordering it. In a quiet moment between songs, I overheard a lady at another table ask the waiter, “Don’t you do a normal breakfast?” and I smiled to myself at that.

After lunch, we walked back to the multi-story and drove home to Hove. My son needed feeding on the way and we pulled into a carpark in Shoreham, where I’d previously practiced reversing into spaces. I don’t think that we’ll be moving to Worthing any time soon but it’s great to know there are places serving excellent food and coffee. Worthing might not be New York but I had a little taste of it today.