Fika, Hove – Breakfast Bird Sandwich Review

Fika, Hove The Breakfast Bird Fried Egg Sandwich

About Fika

Fika is a dangerous place to know. Once discovered, it haunts the mind with thoughts of fried egg sandwiches and the best coffee in Hove. On a previous visit, I’d eaten the Hot Chick but I’d promised myself a return visit to try the Breakfast Bird. Since leaving London, my fried chicken intake has dramatically reduced but I eat it every chance I get. Part of me still longs for chicken wings in Bruce Grove but I’m happier that I live on the coast.

It was a couple of weeks ago now but I was out on a Saturday morning pushing my son in his pram, when I spied my usual table outside Fika. Delivery drivers were queuing up, waiting to scooter sandwiches to hungover customers around Hove but I was feeling fresh and clear headed after my son slept most of the night.

At £12, the Breakfast Bird is a pricey sandwich but it’s not really a sandwich at all, it’s a burger packed with flavour. The Breakfast Bird comprises a brioche bun, buttermilk fried chicken, fried egg, smoked cheese, streaky smoked bacon, maple mayonnaise, Korean BBQ sauce and pickles. It is a beast and a saucy one at that but it’s the kind of sandwich that leaves you with a smug satisfaction, just like the Focaccia from Franco’s Osteria.

As well as the sandwich, I had my customary double espresso and felt good about the world. My son sat in his pram and squealed with joy, watching a dog at an opposite table. The dog’s owner watched my son, smiling at his happiness and it’s these moments that makes the sleeplessness worthwhile.

Fika is a lovely place to spend a Saturday morning. The staff a friendly, the service is prompt and the produce is excellent. Fika is busy each time I’ve walked past and it makes me pleased to see a place doing well. It’s hard to justify the Breakfast Bird too often but it’s worth the wait in between.