Eye Falafel Aldgate Falafel Wrap Review

Eye Falafel Aldgate Falafel Wrap

About Eye Falafel

14 New Goulston St, London E1 7QD

Another day, another wrap. Today I was in London for work and went for a walk at lunchtime along Petticoat Lane. The weather has turned cold and people were out in coats and scarfs. A fair few food stalls were set up to serve the surrounding offices but by far, the longest queue snaked out from Eye Falafel.

I’ve had falafel on my mind after my recent trip to Manchester and my visit to Go Falafel but whilst in the queue, I remembered the importance of ordering a large, not a medium. Despite the size of the queue, it moved along quickly and a server walked along the hungry patrons to take our orders. As a lover of efficiency, I greatly appreciated this, as well as a different server handing out fresh falfels to dip into a huge tub of hummus.

At £5, the large falafel wrap felt reasonably priced, especially for that part of London. The wrap came with hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, sauce, pickles and I got extra falafel, for omitting onion.

Once the wrap was put together, it was toasted under a sandwich press and this added some extra heat and crunch. Carrying it to a nearby bench, I felt like I’d discovered something new and wonderful and the wrap greatly exceeded my expectations. The falafels were hot a d fresh and had far more flavour that I’m used to. I couldn’t pin point it and felt silly not to ask but I know that next time I’m in London for work, I’ll skip the canteen to queue in the cold.