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I’m at the in-laws for the Bank Holiday Weekend and all around the village there are signs of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. In the trees, bunting is hanging and posters on bulletin boards advertise the planned activities. It seems busier here than usual and I keep wanting to remind people that tomorrow is National Sausage Roll Day. I don’t because not everyone has the same passion for pastry that I do.

This morning, after a play in the park with my son, my wife and I wandered over to the Grindleford Community Shop for a snack in the sun. Sadly, the shop had sold out of sausage rolls and so instead I rated and reviewed my first Cornish Pasty.


St Helen’s Church, Main Road, Grindleford S32 2JG

1. Appearance

Did the Cornish Pasty look appetising? Was it lovingly displayed in the shop window?

The Grindleford Community Shop is run out of a small room attached the church. The pasty was wrapped up and sat inside a fridge, facing the front door. I enquired after the sausage rolls but they were sold out. The pasties, like the sausage rolls come from Critchlows Farm Shop and are sold at prices that I never see on the south coast.


2. Price

How much did you pay for it? Was it good value for money?

£1.50 felt like an absolute bargain for something both substantial and delicious. Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of Ginsters adverts on TV and the thought of those, being sold at motorway service stations made me smile whilst eating the pasty.


3. Packaging

Was it carefully wrapped? Did it arrive home intact?

The pasty came well-packaged, with the bag wrapped tight around the pastry to ensure that it didn’t dry out.


4. Weight

Did it have a satisfying weight? Was it reassuringly dense?

This was a dense piece of pastry and carrying it outside made me appreciate the heft.


5. Warmth

Was it warm and ready to eat or cold on arrival?

The pasty came from the fridge and was stone cold. Surprisingly, this didn’t detract from the overall experience though, the filling was still tasty and the pastry retained some bite.


6. Pastry

Was it buttery and flaky? Did it hold together?

The pastry was buttery and flaky and I’d have likely awarded full marks, had it been served fresh from the oven.


7. Quality of meat or filling

Was the filling substantial or did you mainly chew air?

The filling was delicious, there were chunks of beef and potato, with some carrot and onion too. I was pleasantly surprised.


8. Flavour

Was the sausage roll delicious and well-seasoned?

The flavour was wonderfully balanced and perfectly seasoned. I didn’t feel like it was missing anything.


9. Satisfaction

Were you left satisfied or wanting more?

I was left satisfied and pleasantly surprised.


10. Bonus Points

Did anything warrant bonus points? Eg. a little pot of mustard or friendly service from the staff?

Bonus points for the friendly service, the lovely sunny garden and for selling Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Biscuits at 30p.


Cornish Pasty RATING


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