The Cornish Pantry, Perranporth

The Cornish Pantry Perranporth Large Steak Cornish Pastie

ABout the Cornish Pantry

8 Beach Rd, Perranporth TR6 0JL

Perranporth was the prettiest stretch of coastline that I’d seen since arriving in Cornwall. The beach was long and sandy and the waters were clear, making it ideal for spotting jellyfish. Splashing about in the waves reminded me of the Cornish beaches that I visited as a child and around midday, my stomach starting rumbling. After some deliberation about possible lunch venues, we stopped into the Cornish Pantry, a tiny place with a couple of ladies behind the counter. I opted for the traditional steak variety, figuring it would be good to compare to the one I’d had from Nile’s in Fowey the day before. The pastie from the Cornish Pantry was called traditional steak and cost £4.75. It was similar in size and shape to the one I had in Fowey but the pastry was a little bit more coarse. Inside, the filling was meaty and there was plenty of veg but it lacked the rich gravy that I’d so enjoyed at Nile’s.

As there wasn’t any space to sit inside the Cornish Pantry, we walked to some nearby benches and sheltered from the sun. Sitting outside and tucking in, I felt happy and glad to have got away from regular life, even for a short while. These days, I find that it always takes a while to settle into a holiday but I realised in that moment that I more relaxed today than I had been for months.

After finishing lunch, we walked back through town and I was overcome by a feeling of familiarity, convinced that I’d visited Perranporth once in my twenties. I couldn’t be entirely sure though because sometimes, my mind plays tricks and merges memories but a greasy spoon looked like somewhere I’d eaten.

From Perranporth, we drove to St Agnes Head and found even more stunning views. The coastline there looked a lot like the area near Sagres in Portugal. The town of St Agnes was the first place in Cornwall that I could imagine living. There was a barber shop there, a big pub and winding streets that seemed friendly and inviting. Naturally, I looked up the house prices but like in Hove, what I want is unaffordable. I don’t think I’ll ever up living in Cornwall but it’s nice to imagine what life could be like if I came into untold riches.