Colemans Deli sausage roll review

Colemans Deli sausage roll

About Colemans Deli

Colemans Deli is a bakery and sandwich shop in the Derbyshire town of Hathersage. It’s a great place to stop off after a long walk along the Moors or after wandering around the bright lights of town. Two varieties of sausage roll were on offer and I went for the pork, caramelised onion and blue cheese variety.


5 Main Rd, Hathersage, Hope Valley S32 1BB

1. Appearance

Did the sausage roll look appetising? Was it lovingly displayed in the shop window?

The sausage rolls were neatly stacked and displayed in a large glass counter case. Two varieties were on offer along with some fine looking Scotch eggs. It was clear this place knew what they were doing.


2. Price

How much did you pay for it? Was it good value for money?

£2.95 felt a bit steep for Derbyshire but this was a tourist town for climbers and walkers, so all was forgiven.


3. Packaging

Was it carefully wrapped? Did it arrive home intact?

Brown paper page with minimal grease transfer. The napkin inside the bag was a nice touch.


4. Weight

Did it have a satisfying weight? Was it reassuringly dense?

This sausage roll had a good bit of heft to it, more the squat and chunky kind.


5. Warmth

Was it warm and ready to eat or cold on arrival?

It was old on arrival but survived a blast in the oven. When I ate it, it wasn’t quite heated all the way through but the chill had been taken off.


6. Pastry

Was it buttery and flaky? Did it hold together?

Excellent pastry, good flaking and wrapped close to the meat.


7. Quality of meat or filling

Was the filling substantial or did you mainly chew air?

Good quality meat and lots of it. The filling was smoothly ground with no gristle.


8. Flavour

Was the sausage roll delicious and well-seasoned?

This was a pork, blue cheese and caramelised onion variety. I felt it needed more seasoning to bring out the flavours. The onion added sweetness and sharpness but I didn’t get a whole lot of blue cheese. I think a creamier blue cheese like Gorgonzola would have helped.


9. Satisfaction

Were you left satisfied or wanting more?

I was left pretty satisfied overall. It was a solid sausage roll and ticked all the boxes without being spectacular.


10. Bonus Points

Did anything warrant bonus points? Eg. a little pot of mustard or friendly service from the staff?

I bought a nice loaf of bread from here and the service was friendly.


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