Canham & Sons Sausage Roll Review

Canham & Sons sausage roll

About Canham & sONS

Canham & Sons is a butcher and deli, situated on Church Road in Hove. I often walk past there on the way to the sea and usually find a queue forming out front. Hungry builders and moustache-wearing hipsters stand queuing outside the shop in all weather and I’m heartened by the loyalty that the locals show. Of all that Canham and Sons sell, I’m particularly fond of the pork and pepper sausages and their excellent scotch eggs. The sausage rolls are fantastic too and they come in two varieties; the classic and the pork and mustard. Canham & Sons has the feel of a place that’s been there for years and I hope they continue to deliver the pastry that I’ve come to love.


48 Church Rd, Hove BN3 2FN

1. Appearance

Did the sausage roll look appetising? Was it lovingly displayed in the shop window?

When I arrived at the shop, I was delighted to see that the sausage rolls were cooling inside the serving hatch. There was only one person in front of me in the queue and I felt excited about what was to come.


2. Price

How much did you pay for it? Was it good value for money?

£2.50, which felt like a fair price for a large sausage roll.


3. Packaging

Was it carefully wrapped? Did it arrive home intact?

The sausage roll was served in paper and plastic bag and there were napkins on hand.


4. Weight

Did it have a satisfying weight? Was it reassuringly dense?

This sausage roll had good heft and it fit snugly in my pocket. Anticipation built as I walked home.


5. Warmth

Was it warm and ready to eat or cold on arrival?

The roll was served warm and the bag steamed up on the walk. By the time I got home, it was ready for eating.


6. Pastry

Was it buttery and flaky? Did it hold together?

The pastry was perfectly flaky and although not quite as buttery as Sugardough, it was still nicely glazed. Only a small amount of pastry flaked off into the bag on the way home and I was impressed by how well the sausage roll held together.


7. Quality of meat or filling

Was the filling substantial or did you mainly chew air?

The meat is delicious and well-ground. I didn’t find any gristle.


8. Flavour

Was the sausage roll delicious and well-seasoned?

There were classic sausage roll flavours of pork and sage, the whole thing was well-seasoned.


9. Satisfaction

Were you left satisfied or wanting more?

I was very satisfied. The sausage rolls from Canham & Sons are excellent and the shop is an essential stop for anyone visiting Hove.


10. Bonus Points

Did anything warrant bonus points? Eg. a little pot of mustard or friendly service from the staff?

Bonus points are awarded for the top quality service.




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