National Sausage Roll Day 2022

National Sausage Roll Day 2022

About National Sausage Roll Day

National Sausage Roll Day is a celebration of a glorious snack and a cultural institution. Like Brexit, lockdown parties and bathtubs full of baked beans, sausage rolls are a common feature of life in Britain. You’ll find them at birthdays, funerals, work events and stag dos and they’re everywhere because they’re cheap, delicious and easy to source. The ubiquitousness of sausage rolls is matched only by their deliciousness and these baked treats bring smiles, as well as crumbs, to the faces of millions.

I’ve often thought about why I so enjoy sausage rolls. It’s doubtless because there’s something comforting in that rascally mix of pork and pastry. When tucking in, I know that they’re bad for me but I eat them anyway. I do so because it feels illicit and because when they’re good, they’re great.

When is it?

National Sausage Roll Day is taking place on 5th June 2022.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Whilst I couldn’t possibly comment on her Majesty’s love of pastry, I do know that we’ve been afforded a four-day Bank Holiday weekend this June. These don’t come around often but then it’s not everyday that a monarch celebrates 70 years on the throne. Much has changed since her Majesty’s ascension but I like to imagine that at the Coronation all those years ago, peckish Brits stood in crowds, spying glances at the new Queen whilst snaffling pastry.

Now, if there’s one thing that Brits love more than baked snacks, it’s getting pissed and sausage rolls are the perfect fuel for powering through the Bank Holiday festivities. Not only are they tasty and packed full of energy, sausage rolls can slide snugly into pockets and purses. Winner winner, pastry dinner.

Announcing the big day

What should I wear?

If sausage rolls could talk, they wouldn’t speak right proper and so wear whatever’s comfy, preferably with elasticated waistbands.

Being June, it may well be warm but realistically, the weather could be anywhere between 30 degrees and sunny and 12 degrees and cloudy. Whatever the temperature, someone will be out in shorts and sandals, whilst others return home from the night before. Remember, nothing can lift the mood of a weary soul quite like pastry.

Why Celebrate Sausage Rolls?

Let’s face it, modern life is a bit naff. Between Covid, returning to the office, storm Eunice and the cost-of- living crisis, we all need something to revive our spirits. Sausage rolls are cheap, readily available and can be enjoyed with mates or alone.

To be honest though, I’m clutching at straws here, as who needs a reason to eat pastry?

Keeping fuelled

How do I get involved?

Whether you like them from fancy bakeries or from the humble Greggs on your local high street, the key is just to enjoy a sausage roll. Outside of that, there are no rules. Of course, it’s always better to buy local and if you’ve got friends, then get them involved too because nothing shows you care like a hot tube of pork and pastry.

What makes a good sausage Roll?

Personal preference comes into play here but some things that I look for include an appropriate ratio of meat to pastry, proper seasoning and the availability of mustard. A sausage roll is a hard thing to get wrong but I’ve found that the space between terrible and excellent is vast. The best sausage roll that I’ve eaten and reviewed can be seen below. This came from the ever reliable Castles of Kemptown, a place more than worth the walk from Hove.

Castles of Kemptown
Pork and Marmite sausage roll

What makes a bad One?

On my quest to find the perfect sausage roll, I’ve encountered some shockers. Things to look out for include dry or day old pastry, under-seasoned filling and the presence of poorly cooked fennel. Brod + Wolf were memorable for all the wrong reasons. The horror show you’ll see below was not only stale but expensive.

Brod + Wolf
Brod + Wolf

Sausage Roll Recipes

Now, I’ve only made one attempt at baking homemade sausage rolls and the results left something to be desired. That said, this recipe from Gill Meller was easy to follow and the results were caused more by my hot hands, than flawed instructions. Whilst the majority of the sausage rolls that I enjoy are meaty, BBC Good Food is a great place to find vegetarian and vegan sausage rolls recipes.

Homemade sausage rolls cooling down
Homemade sausage rolls

Do they have sausage rolls in America?

People in the UK can be harsh about America but I love it there. America is vast and the people can be welcoming. I’ve visited several times over the years, but for all the deli sandwiches, chicken wings and burgers, I’ve never had a sausage roll. Perhaps they’re just not a thing Stateside.

This Superbowl Sunday, to get into the spirit of things, I bought some Wikinger Hot Dogs. They were surprisingly good but if we’re honest, sausages from a jar, slotted in a bun can’t compare to the glory of British baked goods.

Wikinger Hot Dogs from Superbowl Sunday
Superbowl Sunday

wHAT ABOUT THE Rest of the world?

With Covid curtailing travel for the past couple of years, I’ve often wondered about the many places serving sausage rolls that I’ve yet to visit. Do Finland specialise in flaky pastry? Are Polynesians perfecters of pork? Is there a bakery in Budapest that I need to discover?

The last big trip that I took before the pandemic was to Australia and whilst in Sydney, I ate some brilliant sausage rolls. Once restrictions ease, I intend to travel once again and I’m especially excited to see what the world has to offer. If you know of any local delicacies that I should look out for, be sure to get in touch.

National Sausage Roll Day Poem

It wouldn’t be a proper celebration without a spot of poetry. Your Majesty, you are welcome.

If you’re planning to go out 

To celebrate the Jubilee

It’s best that you prepare yourself

With plentiful pastry

The lining of your stomach

Is something I would advise

A tried and tested method

That is common, old and wise

I’ve spoke to my mate Lizzy

And she’s asked I go to Greggs

We’re bound to need some fuel

Before we drink the bar to dregs

I can’t hope to refuse her

For she’s old and she’s the Queen

And doing so would be considered

Thoughtless, crass and mean

Final Thoughts

Whether this is your first time celebrating pastry or you’re a seasoned pro, I hope this guide was useful. Life right now is strange but in some small way, sausage rolls are helping.

Be sure to check out the pastry rhymes and look out for your local butcher.

Bone apple tea.