Learn about my passion for pastry and why I’ve devised the Sausage Roll Rating Scale.

Who am I?

My name is James and I like sausage rolls. I live in Hove, close to the sea and since moving down from London, I’ve been delighted to discover that the South Coast is a hotbed of pastry excellence. This interest in baked goods began years ago but morphed through lockdown into something approaching obsession. Once lockdown eased and bakeries and butcher shops began reopening, rating sausage rolls became an excellent excuse to get out and reacquainted with the world.

Whilst the bulk of my reviews concern pork and pastry, I have recently branched out and begun to write longer reviews covering a Japanese restaurant, a fried chicken joint, a fancy deli in Birmingham, my local butchers and even Banh Mi.

James at Shelter Hall

Sausage roll RATING sCALE

The Sausage Roll Rating Scale is a unique measure of baked snack quality.

I’m concerned, not just with the pastry but with the overall experience and I look to assess whether the trip to a bakery or butcher left me uplifted or downcast. 

For the sake of consistency, I score each sausage roll across 10 categories, with the highest possible score 100.

The categories that I rate across are: 







Quality of meat or filling



Bonus points


My aim is simple; to rate and review as many sausage rolls as possible. But why? Well, I’m keen to understand which places are selling the best pastry and whether the Sausage Roll Rating Scale can help to define the perfect baked snack. 

Questions that I’ve pondered include:

Are there regional differences in prices?

How much is service a factor in the score a snack achieves?

Is greasiness a positive or a negative?

Are higher scores awarded for classic or contemporary flavours?

What about Scotch Eggs?

Well, I’m a fan of those too and have recently reviewed my first, as well as writing them a rhyme.

I’ve dedicated lots of time

To sausage rolls from Greggs

Neglecting to submit a single

Rating of Scotch eggs

And so I seek to rectify

This wrong with utmost haste

Confirming that this crunchy treat

Is very much my taste