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Sausage Rolls

Some crave croissants, whilst others long for lemon tarts, yet for me there’s nothing finer than pork wrapped in pastry. Read about my mission to rate and review the world’s finest sausage rolls.

National Sausage Roll Day

Sausage Roll Leaderboard

In the field of flaky pastry, there are plenty of pretenders but only one champion.

Find out which venues left me impressed, which left me depressed and which deserved repeat visits. 

Castles of Kemptown sausage roll
Top rated sausage roll

Pastry Rhymes

Around the world

Us Brits are mocked

Because of our cuisine
But these jokes fail to appreciate
Our pork and pastry scene
Across this land
We make some splendid snacks
With ground up swine
And I find myself more drawn to them
Than drinking fancy wine

Restaurant Reviews

Wherever I go, I think about food and so here you’ll find reviews of restaurants, pubs, brunch spots, takeaways and bars. 

Dom's Subs

2 Cold 2 Cuts. The best sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

The Grounds, Hove

Fika pancake pop-up at Hove Town Hall.

Pastry Stats

Reviewing sausage rolls is about much more than just pastry. I’m keen to understand regional differences in price and flavour and how these differences play out in the scores collected using the Sausage Roll Rating Scale. 

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